ArrayResizer and 'long' formulae

Mar 6 at 6:48 AM
I have several c# udf functions which are being accessed in Excel using DNA. I am using Excel 2010 and DNA 0.33.9.

Several of them take a number of arguments and return a table of values - which is pasted back into Excel using the ArrayResizer function. For some of them I am getting the "Cannot resize array formula .... formula might be too long when converted to R1C1 format".

I have found a post on line, from 2014:

This indicates that this is a (possibly insoluble) problem - due to excel c interface functions not being able to handle formulae longer that 255 chars - which is not very long.

Is there currently any way of overcoming this (other than trying to break up formula, etc) ?
Perhaps a more recent version of excel have an updated set of C interface functions - or is there a way of 'pasting' a block of values from within a UDF - ideally without breaking the excel recalc model ? Or some other solution ?