Call async ExcelDNA func from VBA

Mar 6 at 2:58 PM
Edited Mar 6 at 2:58 PM
Hello Govert,

I have a function in excel plugin that works perfectly in async way. But users want to use that function in VBA macros. Function executes for 20-40 seconds and return "Calculating..." while processing result.
They are trying to run function as:
result = Application.Run("func_name_from_plugin", param1, param2, ...)
The problem is that such approach return "Calculating..." and never return final data. I suppose that macros gets the first response from the plugin and doesn't wait for a full set.
I'm not very familiar with VBA, so can you advice how that situation should be handled?

To run a function in plugin i'm using ExcelAsyncUtil.Run();