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Getting started

Get going with some first steps by following the Getting Started page.

To make a C# add-in with Visual Studio consult the Excel-DNA - Step-by-step C# add-in.doc guide.

Otherwise, browse through the list of other resources and examples on the Home page.


Helpful Snippets

Main Non-Wiki

  • In the download: Distribution\GettingStarted.txt -- step by step for simple UDF.
  • In the download: Distribution\Samples\*.dna
  • In the download: Distribution\Excel-DNA - Step-by-step C# add-in.doc (for Visual Studio).
  • -- A lot of good posts here.
  • New main portal page, but docs and downloads are in Codeplex.


There is a searchable record of more than 3300 messages on the Google group:

Please don't hesitate to ask. If you are stuck or need some help using Excel-DNA your questions really are very welcome - whether you are just getting started, or an Excel-DNA expert.

And if you could help put together some proper documentation, please contact me. I'd be happy to add you as an editor on the CodePlex project.


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