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.dna file schema

Elements and attributes are below. See *.dna files in downloaded samples.
  • DnaLibrary
    • Name
    • Description
    • Language
    • RuntimeVersion either "v4.0" for .Net 4, or "v2.0" (default) for all earlier versions. Ie. use "v2.0" for .Net 3.5. Note that v4.0 is required for 64bit Office.
    • CompilerVersion
    • ShadowCopyFiles="true" enables shadow copying for the add-in's AppDomain.
  • ExternalLibrary
    • Path
    • Pack
    • LoadFromBytes. if ="true" then the .dll is loaded more dynamically which can avoid needing to shut down Excel during debugging. However, it can cause issues with multiple active instances and harder debugging.
    • ExplicitExports="true" Prevents every static public function from becomming a UDF, they will need an explicit ExcelFunction... Annotation.
  • Project*
    • SourceItem*
  • Image*
  • CustomUI Nest <customUI under this to define ribbon.

(Attributes set on the DnaLibrary apply to the implicit project and are not inherited by any <Project> sections.)

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