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Imports System.Runtime.CompilerServices
Imports ExcelDna.Integration

Public Module RxExcel

    Public Function ToExcelObservable(Of T)(observable As IObservable(Of T)) As IExcelObservable
        Return New ExcelObservable(Of T)(observable)
    End Function

    Public Function Observe(Of T)(functionName As String, parameters As Object, _
                           observableSource As Func(Of IObservable(Of T))) As Object
        Return ExcelAsyncUtil.Observe(functionName, parameters, 
                                     Function() observableSource().ToExcelObservable())
    End Function
End Module

Public Class ExcelObservable(Of T)
    Implements IExcelObservable

    ReadOnly _observable As IObservable(Of T)

    Public Sub New(observable As IObservable(Of T))
        _observable = observable
    End Sub

    Public Function Subscribe(observer As IExcelObserver) As IDisposable _
        Implements IExcelObservable.Subscribe
        Return _observable.Subscribe(Sub(value) observer.OnNext(value), 
            Sub(ex) observer.OnError(ex), Sub() observer.OnCompleted())
    End Function
End Class

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