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Object builder in Excel


Hi everyone,

I'm using an old C# finance library made some years ago for a company. This company had a built-in excel wrapper for C# library so every single function I declared as "Visible" in my code could be used in Excel.
I used to call class constructor to instantiate objects directly in Excel.
For example, let us say I have a "Discount Factor" class with a constructor. I used to create a "DiscountFactor" object in Excel, calling into excel cell: ="DiscountFactor(A1:B24)" with A1:B24 being a table with dates and discount factors values.
Right now, with exceldna, it seems I can only call functions (I can call DiscountFactors.Get() for example but not the constructor). Is there anything I can do to wrap my class constructors and instantiate objects (with some kind of versioning in excel) without remodeling my whole library ?

Thanks a lot, I can provide you more details if my example is not clear.

Best regards.


govert wrote Jun 29, 2016 at 10:02 PM

I suggest you use the Google Group for discussions:!forum/exceldna

The CodePlex site is no longer active.