Interact with current C# Form?

May 2, 2014 at 12:03 PM
I've created a C# solution that includes a WinForms Project and a COM Add-In, and what I am trying to do is pass the active cell from Excel onto the current form.

Obviously I can do this easy enough using "ActiveCell.Address" or "Selection.Address" via a form action (e.g. button click), but want to do this via "Application.SheetBeforeDoubleClick"

What I am currently doing is calling and displaying the form from the ribbon as such:
public static void FormShow()
    Form _Form = new myForm;
    _Form.Show(_NW); // As Native Window
This is all working fine, and the form is displayed, but I am struggling to transfer the current cell address onto the form.

I can pass the address over into a public static, but can't access the form controls, so obviously not calling the form correctly initally, or missing a trick to identify the form used.

Any advice?